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Platinum Shirt Service

The Finest Shirt Service for A Better Looking You

We promise to make your morning ritual of dressing a pleasing & happy experience. Our "Platinum" shirt service guarantees a "ready-to-wear" shirt with clean, crisp collars & cuffs, a professional finish that will make you look & feel your very best!

Best of all, our shirt service guarantees that you will never find a missing button on your shirt or we'll clean it for Free! Many shirt laundry services are less costly than ours, but for a couple of dollars more per week, our "Platinum Shirt Service" is worth it and here is why:

Your Shirts Will Last 30%-40% Longer

Platinum Shirt ServiceOur "Premium" Platinum shirt process is specifically formulated to work at lower water temperatures and without harsh bleaches, significantly reducing shrinking, graying and fraying over time. As a result, your shirts will last 30%-40% longer because our cleaning process is easier on the fabric and won't break it down. In addition, our computerized system remembers your starch request every time whether it be no starch, light, medium or heavy.

Cleaner, Brighter Shirts Every Time

The real difference between Platinum and other shirt services isn't what you see over time. It's what you see every time. Cleaner, brighter dress shirts. Brilliant whites! Quite simply, your shirts will look good longer and so will you.

The Finishing Process

Our state-of-the-art finishing equipment was designed to attend to every detail of a shirt. Collars and cuffs are precisely pressed and rolled to perfection. The body of the shirt is fit on a body form to create a professional finish that will keep you looking your best all day long.

Our Shirt Button Pledge

If you should ever find a missing button on any of your laundered shirts, we'll clean it for Free! We promise to have your shirts ready-to-wear each and every day.

30 Years Experience

Our staff is proud of what we do. If you look good, we look good.

We are a part of your image.

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