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Gown Preservation

The Cleaning Process

Your distinct wedding gown is first inspected for stains, loose beads and open seams. All repairs are tended to before the cleaning process. Your delicate gown is then pre-treated for stain removal and is professionally hand-cleaned by our skilled garment care specialists using the finest and most gentle products available on the market today.

The Hand-Finishing Process

Your wedding gown is then hand finished by a skilled hand-presser who delicately presses every part of your wedding gown as though it were to be worn that day.

The Preservation Process

Your precious wedding gown is then precisely placed in an acid-free, lignin-free preservation chest which allows the fabric to breathe while protecting against the damages of light, dust and mildew. Acid-free tissue paper is used to cushion each fold of your wedding gown to maintain the designer's delicate line and drape. The preservation chest with a gown viewing window is then hermetically sealed. An outer protection box is then placed over the acid-free chest to further protect against dust and light.

The Final Step, Storing Your Chest

Properly storing your heirloom package is a vital step to the preservation process. Store your package in a cool, dry dark environment. Some suggestions are under a bed or in a closet on a level floor. Moisture may be detected in most attics and basements, therefore, never store in these locations.

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